Top 20 Business Intelligence Tech Companies - 2018

Data is invaluable to all companies, from budding startups to global enterprises. This growing commodity is triggering organizations to deploy business intelligence solutions that will elevate and accelerate data-driven decisions. By automating simple, yet, labour intensive tasks like basic math, analysts gain time to think strategically about the business implications of their analysis and plan for next steps. Further, the disruptive effects of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language generation continue to shape the Business Intelligence landscape. Data analytics is getting smarter, more streamlined and more readily available to business users and others who lack a data science background. According to industry reports, 50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural language processing (NLP), or voice by 2020. NLP will empower people to ask more nuanced questions of data and receive relevant answers that lead to better insights and decisions.

Successful organizations are prioritizing a modern business intelligence approach, and in turn, priming their workforce to be the most analytically savvy generation ever seen. For a competitive edge in 2018, organizations must recognize the strategies, technologies, and business roles that can enhance their approach to business intelligence.

To help CIOs navigate through the list of Business Intelligence solution providers, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview narrowed the 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Provides that exhibit competence in delivering business intelligence.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018”.

Top Business Intelligence Companies

Automated Insights offers a natural language generation platform which provides business insights in natural language

Helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver resilient, responsive, safe and secure software

Provides business intelligence and analytic solutions to government CFO Offices and end-user missions

An IT advisory and consultant firm, providing end-to-end data services ranging from data management, business intelligence, predictive analytics, to data vaulting, and virtual chief data officer services

Conduit Innovation bridges the disconnect between executives, sales, marketing and IT to facilitate integrated strategies, innovation and digital transformation

Provides a gamut of business intelligence solutions and services by leveraging the industry standard BI platforms

NobelBiz arms multi-site contact centers and BPOs with unprecedented big-data business intelligence, compliance, and sales conversion capabilities

Offers a comprehensive range of next-generation BI solutions through a subscription-based business model

Sheer combines specialized expertise, advanced technology and powerful analytics to drive cost savings and streamline options. We partner with our clients to predict risks and respond with right-sized action plans

IT consultants delivering end-to-end, high-impact business intelligence solutions

Truelytics provides groundbreaking business intelligence platform to help advisors strengthen their business

Cloverleaf Analytics

Provides an end-to-end insurance BI solution that gives access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise


Offers self-service BI, and a web-based database management software across relational, NoSQL, Cloud and big databases

InstaData Systems

Provides comprehensive data analytics solutions using the InstaData analytics platform

MicroStrategy [NASDAQ:MSTR]

Provider of robust self-service BI platform with engaging visualization capabilities delivering actionable insights

Perceptive Analytics

Provides Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and visualizations helping our clients make sense of their data quickly and take actions that increase revenues and improve efficiencies


Provides enterprise data analytics workflow product for improved data-based decision making

WonderBi Analytics

Empower businesses and executives who are on the move with ability to carry and analyze business data of any kind on the mobile devices in highly interactive way

xG Health Solutions

xG Health solutions’ population health analytics offers clients actionable outcomes that drive clinical, financial, and operational success


Monetizing high-quality data safely and easily across the digital advertising ecosystem