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Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman & CEO
As the ongoing trend in business insights is moving toward making decisions within seconds, MicroStrategy’s introduction of zero-click analytics dubbed as HyperIntelligence in MicroStrategy 2019 falls precisely in line. When organizations are swimming in a sea of data, employees seldom have time to get insights into their data from multiple applications. MicroStrategy 2019 ‘brings’ the analytics straight to the user by injecting information directly into their web-based workflows in not five or two, but zero clicks.

“Our mission is to make every enterprise a more Intelligent Enterprise,” says Michael J. Saylor, president, chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy. At the onset of this year, MicroStrategy, a prominent worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, set the industry abuzz with the announcement of MicroStrategy 2019, the industry’s first and only enterprise platform for HyperIntelligence, transformational mobility, and federated analytics. “Intelligence is about time, and when seconds matter, there’s simply no room for information that is one click away—let alone the time to find the right sets of data through self-service analytics. With HyperIntelligence, information becomes self-evident. Information about customers, products, and employees naturally surfaces—with zero clicks—at a glance on a screen, by voice or even through the lens of a camera,” says Saylor.

"With HyperIntelligence, information becomes self-evident"

Designed to drive business results with federated analytics, transformational mobility, and HyperIntelligence, MicroStrategy 2019 delivers modern analytics on an open, comprehensive enterprise platform. It is the ultimate tool for a mobile workforce that needs instant information access with transactional capture to make and record critical decisions every minute of the workday. MicroStrategy 2019 can provide the competitive edge and agility that businesses need to stay ahead of the game in such a competitive market. The new platform reimagines how people create and work with mobile productivity apps tailored to any business function or role, whether they are on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. Analysts, developers, and architects have the capability to build apps using any one of the three powerful strategies: Mobile dossiers – interactive books of analytics that render beautifully on smartphones and tablets; No code drag-and-drop – for branded custom apps that mobilize systems, processes, and applications; or Customized development – with SDKs for iOS and Android that enable developers to extend MicroStrategy content into their existing apps using XCode or JavaScript.

Seamless, Contextual Insights

With the release of MicroStrategy 2019, a new class of enterprise intelligence called HyperIntelligence was introduced, which transforms the way users can access the information needed to make countless decisions every moment throughout the day.

Intelligence is about time, and when seconds matter, there’s simply no room for information that is one click away

MicroStrategy 2019 allows organizations to input information directly into a user’s web-based workflows using one of the new features, HyperCard, which smartly displays critical information and KPIs about customers, products, and more. While adding new functionality, MicroStrategy took simplicity and accessibility into account, allowing business users to simply hover over highlighted keywords to view content-rich HyperCards on websites and in web applications like email, Salesforce, or Office 365. The benefits are endless as MicroStrategy 2019 enables organizations to seamlessly combine and surface information from over 200 enterprise data sources. For instance, organizations can deploy a “customer” HyperCard to their sales representatives. This card can display information sourced from Salesforce. com, Marketo, or other enterprise data assets. Whenever a salesperson comes across any of their customer names in their email, spreadsheets, CRM, LinkedIn, Google search, or other websites, MicroStrategy makes it easier for them to spot by highlighting their customer name instantly. If the sales representative hovers over the highlighted word, a card comes up to surface important KPIs, relevant information, and the next best action to be undertaken.

Up the Ante on the Front-End

At the beginning of last year, when MicroStrategy made its 10.11 release known, their inclusion of all features that focus more on the clients, was the prologue to MicroStrategy’s front-end prowess. They announced the release of supported connectors in the core business intelligence platform for popular self-service BI front-end tools, specifically Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik. Adding new visualizations, MicroStrategy is offering waterfall visualizations, histograms, and box plots. Waterfall visualizations are advantageous in quantitative analysis, whereas the histogram aids data scientists in understanding the distribution of a variable, and the box plot is essential for visually displaying possible outliers.

"Our mission is to make every enterprise a more Intelligent Enterprise"

MicroStrategy 10.11 boasts an entire new mapping component powered by MapBox, which is the popular GIS platform for BI and big data vendors alike. MapBox maps in MicroStrategy are vector-based and provide global coverage of all U.S. zip codes and postal codes for more than 150 countries. The MapBox technology joined the ESRI-based mapping facilities that were already in the product. Also, with that release, the MicroStrategy application for presenting data visualizations, Dossier, which formerly could be deployed to desktop or laptop devices, became deployable to smartphones as well, mainly because of Dossier apps’ responsive design.MicroStrategy 10.11 further includes improvements to Dossier apps with various optimizations for faster performance on larger data sets.
Users can pause and resume execution while editing or designing a Dossier. The company has also added new administrative features such as statistics on CPU and memory utilization, number of database connections, and free storage space.

Seize the Data

MicroStrategy strides ahead in the analytics industry by fusing high levels of system performance and a virtually unlimited, open approach to database connectivity in a simple, intuitive user interface design. In a customer instance that highlights MicroStrategy’s proficiency, the business intelligence vendor was approached by Allscripts, a leading provider of integrated healthcare IT solutions. Allscripts offers several subscription-based SaaS products that provide healthcare organizations and professionals with key compliance information related to the meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs), population health, and physician performance. To deliver more effective, timely insights to users, Allscripts was seeking to standardize and enhance the analytical and reporting capabilities offered in their products. After screening several vendors, they opted for MicroStrategy witnessing the quality of their self-service reporting and analytics tools, sophisticated platform security, and ability to generate dynamic SQL.

Allscripts launched five MicroStrategy projects, including two pre-configured interactive reports and three self-service applications. The company embedded MicroStrategy functionality into its platform to power a population health application that draws from one of the largest patient databases in the industry, with records of over 150 million patients. MicroStrategy self-service capabilities enable subscribers— doctors and provider groups who deliver care on an ACO or PCMH-based model—to analyze population health across different practices, hospitals, and regions, and report across the whole system with ease. This system pulls from multiple SQL databases that contain EHRs and is refreshed nightly. Using this tool, subscribers can better understand how treatment may affect different populations and can coordinate care more effectively. With MicroStrategy, Allscripts has been able to enrich their solutions to deliver insight in an even more engaging, timely way. The company has received positive feedback from its clients, particularly for enhanced ease of use and interactivity. Furthermore, MicroStrategy is embedded seamlessly into the Allscripts’ population health platform, thus maintaining the cohesiveness and branding of the interface. Users are not aware that they are interacting with a separate analytical tool. As they are able to support several thousand users with a staff of just two MicroStrategy administrators, Allscripts enjoys very low maintenance overhead for their applications.

MicroStrategy Hyperintelligence is truly the way of the future. As the next tsunami that’s causing seismic changes throughout the marketplace, MicroStrategy delivers analytics to people who don’t even know they need analytics, but then once they have it, it’s impossible to go back.

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Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman & CEO

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